The Struggle of Moving Forward

My whole world comes tumbling down, leaving me at a standstill, and I struggle to move forward. I catch myself in a whirlwind of trouble with no way out. Then I begin to wonder how I got to this point. So I begin to research what is motivation, ponder how it appeals to me, and begin processing.

Google defines the general desire or willingness of someone to do something as motivation. It is very clear motivation begins with a great desire or a willingness. To desire is to strongly want or wish for something. Willingness happens when we prepare and become ready to achieve. Therefore I should prepare to be ready to obtain what I strongly want or wish for.

I am carefully thinking of what motivation is for me, how it affects me, and why it affects me. For me, motivation is a force within myself that drives me to act. Sometimes it can be negative, a necessity, and even exhausting. I tend to lose sight of what I desire because I get carried away by living life on life’s terms.

To keep moving forward in life is a struggle without the right motivation. To stay motivated I need the will to desire what I truly want. I realized that when times get hard it’s instinct to just survive. We need the right type of motivation to succeed. I must learn the difference between positive motivation and negative motivation.

Searching for answers, examining myself, and dealing with my issues. These are all very important things that will help me stay motivated. Motivation is also a part of life we need to actively seek. Life is always changing, always evolving, and always growing. It makes sense that motivation changes, motivation, evolve, and motivation grows.